Heavenly Financing specializes in providing financing solutions for CHURCHES! 

And, we do that by providing the highest LTV, at very competitive rates and terms. Our guidelines are very straightforward and easy -
with no credit or personal guarantee's required!

Church lending is such a specialized type of lending and that is why many banks and other lenders will not touch church loans. This is because they are generally single-use properties, not personally guaranteed, and they do not file tax returns. And, to compound the problem most churches do not keep very detailed records.

We know that once a deal is on the table, time becomes a critical factor. Thatís why, at Heavenly Financing, we make it a habit to make your problems, our problems; your obstacles become our obstacles. We work tirelessly to get your deal funded.

Our services include complete loan packaging, application submission and assistance with closing documentation, which accelerates the process from application to commitment to closing.

And if you are a a mortgage professional working with us, you stay in control and in contact with your borrower's, and we work behind the scenes - making you look good!

Of course, Broker's are always protected!

80% LTV cash-out refi, 100% CLTV purchase (80/20) 

and up to 100% LTC on new construction!

20 - 25 year term - very LOW rates!  
non-recourse to borrowing entity - no Pre Payment Penalty!


 All that is needed to qualify is a minimum loan amount of $500,000, and;

Church must be at least two years old, and in good-standing
Minimum annual income of $100,000.00
Minimum attendance of 100 adults at Sunday service
Maximum loan amount can not exceed three times total income
no church mortgage or rent lates in the last twelve months
simple qualification - no borrower's credit required!


Easy submission requirements mean, all we generally need is

3 years P&L statements + YTD after March,

Appraisal (if available)

Contract, if purchase

Digital Pictures (if available)

Completed Application - Religious Organization Sheet

You can email above to info@heavenlyfinancing.com or fax to 847-960-4986

    Call us today with any questions - 847-245-4600